Sri Lanka

Idyllic and Unspoilt

Formerly Ceylon, the small idyllic island of Sri Lanka is filled with great natural beauty, wonderful manmade creations and an array of wildlife from the shy leopard to wild elephants. Sri Lankans are incredibly warm and friendly, the cuisine is fresh, influenced by a melting pot of traders who had landed on her shores with an abundance of flavour. With a combination of World Heritage sites, rich history and culture, wildlife and pristine beaches, Sri Lanka should be on everyone's wish list.

No visit to the country would be complete without a visit to one of the many tea plantations, which makes Sri Lanka the fourth largest producer of tea.With specialised private tours led by tea sommeliers to overnight stays in luxury bungalows on tea estates, you will return as tea connoisseur and did we mention the endless beaches with pristine white sand where you enjoy diving, snorkelling or just relaxing and soaking in the warmth of the sun?