Fascinating and Majestic

Nestled among the peaks of the mighty Himalayas and isolated from the rest of the world, the tiny Buddhist Kingdom of Bhutan, also known as the Land of the Thunder Dragon, is a treasure of unspoilt culture, traditional lifestyle, magnificent mountain scenery and breath-taking landscapes. Although Bhutan is situated between the global giants of India and China, it has never been colonised and has avoided the influences of the modern world.

Discover the mysteries of Bhutan's cultural traditions, wander through ancient Buddhist monasteries clinging to cliff tops, witness fascinating traditional festivals and unique dances or trek in stunning mountain scenery. Witness prayer flags fluttering high in the mountain breeze, prayer wheels slowly turned in picturesque villages where life has remained unchanged for centuries and marvel of an incredible array of flora and fauna and understand why the people of Bhutan measure Gross National Happiness.